The marine paintings of Russ Kramer
"The Yachting Party"

By Russ Kramer

Oil on canvas,           
31” x 43” 2007

In the early 1900s, Newport Harbor was a favored destination for wealthy yachtsmen, as it remains today. Magnificent motor vessels and sailing yachts of every description would crowd together, many hosting lavish parties. Here, guests with a coveted invitation to the ‘social event of the season’ arrive by launch.

Russ Kramer writes: “I am captivated by the majestic motor yachts of this era, grand and magnificent in scale and luxury. Imagine what it might have been like back then, spending the summer months in Newport, feted aboard these floating palaces with a different gala each weekend. Perhaps, as the lady in white seems to feel, even that could get a bit tiresome.”

This original painting is in private collection.

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