The marine paintings of Russ Kramer

By Russ Kramer

Sir T. O. M. Sopwith and Lady Sopwith at the helm of Endeavour, with Designer Charles E. Nicholson directing crew, in trials off Cowes against Shamrock V prior to crossing for challenge of the Americas Cup, 1934.

36” x 27” Gouache on board, 2002. This painting was featured in the 2002 Mystic International Marine Art Exhibition. This original painting is now in private collection.

Russ Kramer writes: "The J-boats were perhaps the most beautiful of the America's Cup designs, and Endeavour was arguably the most beautiful of all. Amazingly, she is still quickening pulses today, having been exquisitely restored by Ms. Elizabeth Meyer to campaign in modern classic yacht regattas. The idea that in 1934 Mrs. Sopwith was an integral part of her original challenge, and the coordination these great boats required among the crew, inspired me to imagine being a part of the action."

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